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What is the youngest and oldest age my child can be to play in WYSI Rec League Baseball?
As of May 1 of the current year, participants must be at least 5 years old and no older than 15 years old.

Is there a pre-K league?
As of 2023, there is not a pre-K league. Due to field restrictions and the growing number of athletes in the Westfield area, priority for field space is being given to children age 5 and older.

Why is there a minimum age for the Instructional League?
Players must be age 5 or 6 as of May 1 of the current season in order to play in the Instructional League. Due to limited field availability, the size of the Instructional league is capped. Players will spend only one season in Instructional baseball and then move up to A. The minimum age requirement not only ensures that all 5-year-olds are able to register and play in Instructional for one year, but it also recognizes that there is limited value in a 5-year-old playing Instructional baseball for a second season.

Can my child play down a level?
As of the 2019 Rec Season, WYSI is ending general play down requests except in cases of physical or mental need. Register your athlete in their age-eligible league and then email the Baseball Commissioner with your request.   Email Commissioner 

Can my child play up a level?
As of the 2019 Rec Season, WYSI is ending general play up requests except for grade-based scenarios. For example, the athlete's birthday is after the May 1st deadline placing them in a lower league yet their school registration moves them up a grade. In order to play with classmates, a play up request can be made. Please note that each request will be reviewed and granted based on current availability and/or the unique factors of the request. Register your athlete in their age-eligible league and then email the Baseball Commissioner with your request. Email Commissioner  

My child will be 7 on May 1 of the current season. Should I register them in Single A or AA?
Single A and AA are both coach-pitch leagues and played, generally, under the same rules. We encourage all players to play at least one year of A.

Does my child have to attend evaluations?
Yes. Evaluations are critical to team creation and ensure the teams are as balanced as possible. Evaluations are not a measure of a player's skill but rather a comparative ranking of all players in the league. This allows the League Managers to assign scores to each player and build teams through a snake draft.

Can I watch my child get evaluated?
No. Evaluations are closed for a few reasons primarily due to safety and efficiency. Our volunteer coaches are tasked with keeping track of 150 players for 1½ hours. Each coach has passed our background check process in order to participate. Similar to the WYSI policy of not allowing unchecked adults on fields, we do not allow adults on the evaluation fields. Allowing our pre-verified coaches to execute evaluations without parents in the area helps the process get done as quickly as possible.

Can I request a specific coach?
WYSI does not honor any coach requests. (WYSI Policies and Procedures Section 7.C.6.b)

Can I request my child be on the same team as another player for carpooling purposes?
WYSI does not honor any carpooling requests, except for the Instructional League. In the Instructional League, the commissioner will attempt to honor carpooling requests, but there is no guarantee that a request will be honored. (WYSI Policies and Procedures Section 7.C.6.b)

Can I request my child practice on a certain night?
WYSI does not honor requests for certain practice nights given the nature of changing games and practice times throughout the season. In the Instructional league only, parents can email the Instructional League Manager if there is one specific weeknight that they need to avoid. (WYSI Policies and Procedures Section 7.C.6.b)

Still have questions? Please email the Overall Commissioner 


When does the season start and end?
Practices start mid-March.
Opening Day is the first Saturday after WWS Spring Break.
Regular season ends the last week of May. There is no baseball over Memorial Day weekend.
Playoffs for A through Seniors start the first weekend in June. Instructional league has no playoffs.
Championship games conclude the week before July 4th.

When and where are pictures? How do I order pictures?
Pictures are taken on Opening Day. A schedule will be distributed to coaches when the season starts. Your child will wear their uniform and can have a glove or bat in the picture with them. Orders will be placed on the day pictures are taken, no need to pre-order.

What equipment does my child need?
Required: glove, athletic pants or baseball pants, athletic shoes or non-metal cleats
Optional: bat, helmet, baseball bag/backpack, water bottle, catcher’s gear
Players will be given: jersey, hat, baseball pants, baseball socks
Coaches will bring: bats, baseballs, helmets, catcher’s gear, hitting tees for Instructional league

Where is the best place to buy equipment?
WYSI is supported by Play It Again Sports Carmel which features new and used equipment and Dick's Sporting Goods which features new equipment.
Play It Again Sports
Dick's Sporting Goods

Are big barrel bats allowed?
All bats are allowed. No special size or logo is required. There are no bat restrictions.

Game balls
Balls are provided to the coaches as part of their season equipment and must be returned at the end of the season. If a coach chooses to award game balls, your coach will buy the balls themselves.

Season Trophies
Season trophies are provided to every Instructional team. A - Seniors Leagues play competitive tournaments at the end of the season; only the Champion and Runner-Up of those leagues will receive a trophy.

I have a question, concern, or problem. Who should I contact?
The chain of command in this league begins with the team coach, then the league manager, then the baseball commissioner, and finally the WYSI board.  Contact information can be found on the main baseball page.

Please use the chain of command to resolve issues and ask questions. Do not take issues directly to the top of the chain until you have first given the lower levels a chance to fix them.


I own a business and would like to sponsor a team. How can i do that?
Click here to sponsor a team (deadline is March 10)

Will there be an All-Star team?
All-star baseball is provided for rec league players who wish to continue their baseball season through July. Evaluations and recommendations will occur in May. There will be an additional fee for any players who accept invitations to join an all-star team. All-star teams are typically formed at the 6U, 7U, 8U, 10U, and 12U levels, but interest and talent are the determining factors in how many teams and which levels WYSI hosts each year. 

How can my child join a travel team?
Tryouts for WYSI travel baseball are in July. Please visit the WYSI Travel Baseball page for more information.

Can my daughter play baseball?
Yes. If your child is 5 or 6, she should play Instructional League and/or A baseball. Once she turns 7, she can choose to continue in baseball or join our WYSI Softball Program. Please visit the WSYI Softball page for more information

Still have questions? Please email the Overall Commissioner 

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